Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3rd Semester Is Finally OVER!!

And yes, 3rd semester of my graphic design course has just ended, and I actually enjoyed the stress, the assignments, and probably the fact I only had 2 subjects and no writing exams at all.

Today was the last class for typography. My lecturer had a one-on-one session with each of the students in class to discuss about our grades. Right now with all my in-class assignments and other marks added on, Ms Queenie told me my grades is between a C+ and a B. If and only IF I managed to score 40 or above over 50 for the final assignment, I can get an A.

I think that’s good news =)

But the sad thing is, I didn't really get to know most of the 20+ April intake classmates. I only managed to talk to a few of them, but not really a lot, like the usual 'hi, how are ya?' and that's it. I just really hoped I will get to know them a lil bit better. Besides, I'm stuck with them till next August, better make the best out of it.

Sculpture class was probably as equally frustrating as typography. I find myself struggling to come out more creative ideas that I've sketched out or visualized in my mind already. In typography classes, I get all tensed and nervous about my work and how does it fare with the others.For sculpture classes, I struggle on making 3D sculptures. I'm not good at doing practical work.

I do wish to score A's for both subjects. I have to in order to get my GPA up.

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