Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bloody Door Grill

Last night, came back from Look Out Point with Elizabeth and her friends. Got back before midnight, thought that my dad would still be awake doing his college work. The thing is, my house's door grill sometimes irritates the f**k out of me.

I tried to unlock the grill for more than half an hour, the keys would not work. Its either the grill is stubborn or the keys are already f**ked. My uncle's shih tzu, I wished it could have barked when she saw me. But that bitch decided to just watch me struggle and a few seconds later, goes back to sleep.

I knocked the door, I called the house phone, no one picked up. So I decided to stay at Kyle's place for the night. After a shower, I sent dad an sms telling where am I.

That is until 2 a.m mum called, giving me one hell of a scolding saying I kept her waiting till now. I told her to fix the damn door grill first and don't blame me. I told her whatever that I've done to try to get them to wake up. Unlocking the door grill, the noise was enough to even wake me up. Mind you my room is facing the backyard.

And mum told me to come back, at 2 a.m. I told her that I'm not going back because I'm tired and its ridiculous to drive when I'm really fed up now.

Woke up in the morning, got a text from dad at 8;44 a.m. Sigh, parents..... I skipped church today, I didn't even have the mood to go since what happened last night.

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