Friday, June 10, 2011

Which Jersey You're Wearing?

So Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea are coming to play against the Malaysia national team. And honestly, how many of the locals would wanna don the national jersey, or opt for the Kop, Gunners or Blues jersey.

its a shame that our country’s football team used to be the most feared in South East Asia.

We had good football players, good teamwork and we had a good goalkeeper that if you compare Arsenal’s previous goalkeepers for the past 3 years to our very own Spiderman Datuk R. Arumugam, Arsenal’s don’t stand a chance.

We had Mokhtar Dahari, also known as ‘Supermokh’ for his playing skills, strength and scoring many goals in his career.

Soh Chin Aun, our very own ‘towkay’ (Eng : Boss) and Santokh Singh formed the most solid defense during the national team’s much golden days.

Back then, our grandparents and parents knew the starting line up of the team. Ask today’s generation, they couldn’t even name half of the team line up. Heck, the only player I know in the squad is Indra Putra, that’s it.

I would really love to see Malaysia to qualify just for the group stage of the World Cup. That would be a huge achievement already. When I was working for TicketPro for the Manchester United - Malaysia XI match, 90% of the Bukit Jalil National Stadium was filled with red jerseys and only a small section of the supporters that showed up, cheered for our team.

Yes, I have been supporting Manchester United since the first match I saw them play against Blackburn. Back then RTM was showing English Premier League matches, not Astro. But still, whenever our national football team is in a competition or a friendly match, its good to cheer them up against clubs or countries that we would cheer during the World Cups or any leagues.

And its a shame that we would predict the Gunners, Kop and Blues would thrash the national team into bits, but it would be nice if the national team would give them a good challenge

You know, Manchester United winning 3-2 against Malaysia, Manchester United fans have nothing to shout about. Its the local supporters that have the final say =)

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