Tuesday, June 7, 2011


ust watched Glee’s Prom Night episode. It got me thinking, how’s prom like? I mean, I never will know the feeling of asking the girl that you had admire for the whole school year to be your prom date, or maybe nervously waiting in your date’s house and wait for them to come down from their room and just be amazed of how beautiful they looked.

So tell me, how’s it like to dance to songs performed by the band, as you hold your date close to you and trying not to step on their feet as you 2 are dancing. How is it like, to kiss at that MOMENT?

Its a pity that most of my friends and I, we don’t get to go through prom night, that one night when every high school student looks forward to. I’m just want to know how it is like, to go through prom. I see a lot of couple pictures in fuckyeahcutecouples and most of them are taken before, during and after prom.

And as I was watching Glee and my girlfriend was texting me (she watches Glee too), she told me that she missed a chance to be in a prom event. And I told her cause our high school was too cheap to have one. I guess she wouldn’t know what its like to be in the running for prom queen.

I guess it’ll probably be the only one not checked before graduating from high school. Oh wells, I’m in college now, there’s no point thinking about that anymore =)

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