Thursday, May 24, 2012

Formula Drift Asia 2012

Last Sunday was round 2 of Achilles Formula Drift Asia 2012. Josh and I thought of attending Sepang Time Attack but watching cars burning rubbers and drifting over a bunch of rich people drag racing in GTRs was a better idea XD

If not mistaken, last year's Formula Drift was at Dataran Merdeka. This year's event Achilles opted for Speed City Kuala Lumpur, playground to Saturday Night Fever drifting, and also Tengku Djan's backyard =) 

 The crowd was starting to build up in the venue. It was a good thing Josh and I decided to leave by noon after first church service. There was plenty of parking space.

 Motorsport Playground had their own tent to promote their services and to sell their merchandise.

 Around afternoon we were waiting for the practice sessions. Drivers are allowed to test the track before the Round of 16 starts.

 Already after 2 practice sessions, 2 rear bumpers fell off.

 A left handed Camaro was displayed during the event, sad thing it is auto transmission. 

One good advice about going to these type of events, bring your own drinks and apply sunscreen before coming. I've suffered sunburns and paying RM 5 for a bottle of water. Cheeky fellas sure know how to take advantage by raising up prices for food and drinks.

 M7's Drive Energy Drink was really, really sweet. And I thought Redbull was sweet, wait till you have a sip of this. Too much sugar.

 To sum it off, Formula Drift Asia 2012 was an awesome event. Even the rain couldn't stop the action. Watching Tengku Djan, Ivan Lau, Ah Fai, Daigo Saito and the best from Asia battling out by going side by side was really worth it. It was a shame that Ivan Lau and Ah Fai got knocked out at the Final 8 and 4, and Tengku Djan settling for 3rd place too. 

Also got this Motorsport Playground lanyard for RM 20. Wheeeee

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