Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

Happy birthday dad!!!!!!!!!!!! Its that time of the year when you age a year more awesome than the previous year and a lot wiser too =) 

My dad didn't started off well. Had to skip church because I was feeling nauseous and the headache after waking up wasn't helping me ease the morning sickness. I think its because I've been sleeping really late due to assignments and what not. Such more for promising myself to sleep early and adopt that healthy lifestyle. Heh.

Slept from noon till 3 p.m, decided to continue assignments and then prepare myself for dad's birthday dinner. Last year I didn't get to celebrate with my parents and my bro and sis in law is because I had fever. But I made sure it won't happen the second time around.

Its probably a long time ago since I had a nice picture with mum. 

 And probably a long time I had a last decent self shot of  myself.

Dad's birthday dinner was a Kam's Kitchen. Dad has always wanted to try that restaurant because everytime we pass by that row of shop houses, that Kam's Kitchen is always packed.

Came back home pretty early, like before 7:30 p.m. And this is the first time tea ceremony on dad's birthday.

 That awkward moment, when my bro and I bought a cake, each from us. And we have to finish them all.

 Green tea cake and blackforrest cake. I think I'm gonna lay off from cakes for at least 2 weeks. Feeling a lil' sick after finishing off these 2 big slices of cake.

 Just realized that the last picture I've taken with dad was during my bro's wedding. So here's to you dad, an awesome loving hug from your rebellious son =D

 I had to, I just had to.

So that, here's to all the nagging, the lectures, the laughs and the frustrations we had shared and gone through together. Here's to a loving father figure that you have been to bro and I, a loving husband to mum and a faithful servant to God. Blessed 63rd, oops XD 

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