Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The silly mistakes we make...

I spent hours a day just to complete my typography design, hours sketching them out on my sketchbook before I draw with the tablet and then trace it on Illustrator. I have never been so nervous about having my in-class assignments being presented by the lecturer to the whole class. Lecturer gave the class 3 weeks to present to her the ideas, sketches on book, drafts on computer and the day before deadline, 70% of the work done.

I rushed from home to college,hopefully not gonna be late for class. Kuala Lumpur traffic is a bitch. Yesterday going to college took me an hour instead of just 15 to 20 minutes. I have no idea why so many drivers are slowing down for nothing. I was late for an hour, and another hour later, class finishes and I spent another hour in traffic. Highways are a luxury for other countries but here, more of a liability.

Transferred my work to lecturer’s computer, and all 30 of the students work is being presented, one by one. I do get a lot pressure in this situation. What if mine isn’t as good as the rest? What if they laugh at it? I tried not to think of these ‘What Ifs’.

I’m glad the lecturer liked my font designs, but I did screw up. I didn’t really group properly the designs, so one of the designs got separated and it looked funny. It was really embarrassing, and yeah some of the April intake students had a good laugh at it.

I find myself laughing along with them too. Sometimes you just gotta let loose yourself when you make mistakes, no matter how embarrassing it is. I’m actually glad that my silly mistakes managed to make a few people laugh. Most importantly, Ms. Queenie knows that I’ve put in a lot of effort on my work. I really need to score an A for this subject.

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