Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tired and Sick

I haven't been sleeping early for the past few weeks since Chinese New Year was over. I'm so used to sleeping in at 2 a.m, its not funny anymore. I really wanna sleep early like before 11 p.m, but I can't. Sometimes I do wanna take sleeping pills to make it better, mum's totally against it and all.

College is much more the same as usual. Its amazing that until now I have yet to make friends with the April batch students. Funny thing is some of the girls laugh at Levi's jokes.

And yeah, I'm in a relationship with my best friend. I'd be honest with you, it wasn't an easy relationship to go through. Its like every month there's an argument about something. Heck, at times I can't even remember why are we arguing or feeling misunderstood about something in the first place. I mean, the previous relationships I rarely argued or anything.

I don't wanna sleep late. I don't wanna wake up feeling dizzy and sleepy. I'm sick of trying to stay awake while driving. For once, just let me have a good sleep and wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day.

Like I far 2011 has been a shitty year.

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