Saturday, June 2, 2012

Cadbury Share the Happiness / MIB 3 @Sunway Pyramid

A week ago, met up with my Scream Interactive former co-workers for lunch. Was excited that the Cadbury event was gonna be in Sunway Pyramid from Friday till Sunday. And since Men In Black 3 was gonna be released on that week, thought of catching up with a few friends that I have not seen for months.

Kyle suggested this awesome noodles stall that's located along the uphill road at Taman Connaught. before KFC and the night market road. 

I've forgotten when was the last time I met Carmen. Still, its fun to make fun of her after all these years.

Kyle, his bro and I patiently waited until the girls got their orders on the table, then only we start to eat.

Ohai Carmen Hor.

We reached Sunway Pyramid around 8:30 p.m, I thought of buying some colourful character based shirts like the Cookie Monster, Elmo from Seseme Street or Spongebob Squarepants.

But the minute I saw Pikachu, the rest is nothing to me =D 

I'll be honest, this is only the 3rd time I've been to Sunway Pyramid since my last visit back in 2010 for the MTV World Stage roadshow. And with that in mind, I have completely no idea which shop is located at which block and which concourse is at which block too.

But thank goodness for Carmen and Siang Er, since both of them are studying in Sunway University and The One Academy respectively, they were the tour guide for the night. 

I was happy, really excited to see my layout plan came to live. Even though there were minor changes made after I left, still proud of it =D

The event's main entrance arch.

The main attraction of the event is the Cadbury chocolate machine. Beneath the rotating globe is a chocolate fondue and some interactive screens for you to interactive with a mascot and some games. 

Carmen and Siang Er with the Cadbury mascot.

Thought of carrying the mascot for the picture but the person inside the mascot asked us not to do so '____'

So this is the Cadbury Share the Happiness wall, where anyone can write down a shoutout or dedication message to spread the happiness.

Personally, this was my favourite one among the rest on the wall.

Men in Black, 9 ;45 p.m TGV @Sunway Pyramid. I've been waiting for a year so for the third instalment of the Men in Black series. Its been a long time since I last saw Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith as Agent Jay and Kay on the silver screen. 

Here's a short review of the movie. The whole Agent Jay jumping back into time to save his partner might be confusing to some, but put that aside, we get to see how the whole organization was like back in the 60's. Andy Warhol makes a special cameo as an undercover agent for them too. And Josh Brolin as the young Agent K stood out among the actors in the movie.

Its a shame that Will Smith might have lost a little bit of his usual loudmouth comic that made Agent J interesting and animated, Tommy Lee Jones is still Tommy Lee Jones. The movie is more focused on Agent K's past, so don't expect Transformers-like alien special effects, because you'll be disappointed. The villain, Boris the Animal is nothing special. Just that he has the ability to shoot mini parasites out of his hand and is able to tongue kiss Nicole Scherzinger and kill her off after setting him free from jail on a moon (oops, spoilers, my bad!!) 

Overall, MIB 3 deserves a 7/10. The movie showed us why Agent K recruited Agent J in the first place, and why after all these years Agent K has been gloomy for the past 2 movies. Do spot a cameo from Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. Blink and you'll missed it.

Another yum cha session at the usual Maideen mamak at Taman Connaught. A long time since I had after midnight talks with my friends. Probably the best time to have good conversations and bitch about how awful life has been to us.

A good night. Ignore the duck face

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