Friday, May 28, 2010

Farewell Mr.Tan =')

Thursday was Advertising Principles and Mass Communication group presentation. Of the 5+ months of the first sem, this is the most tiring day for me.....yet. Only a few of my SMK SM former schoolmates like Kent, Kyle know how it feels like to be exhausted from college work. Ask them.

Jason, Shano, me, Jared, Jeen Pei and Joelle.

After Mass Comm presentation, Mr Tan had to break the bad news for us. He'll be leaving IACT and this is his final class with us 201001 students. I was kinda sad, gonna miss his Ah Beng jokes and his teachings.

He gave us a final Mass Comm quiz before our upcoming exam. Those who couldn't answer correctly must do the Banana dance.

I was one of the many who had to do the banana dance infront of class XD

And of course, a final group picture.

Fine this is not lala, this is the so-called Friendster Asian disease.

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