Monday, May 31, 2010

Wendy's "Made" My Day

Was having Creative Thinking group discussion at Wendy's. I love Wendy's burger, the chicken nuggets, the floats, milkshakes, frosty's and so on. But what I dislike about Wendy's today is that they played Justin Bieber's "Baby". My group was staring at me the minute Justin went "Woaaahhh oh..."

And I went out of Wendy's, sat down on the sidewalks and waited for that damn song to finish before I get back to discussion.

This is how much I dislike that Canadian kiddo XD

And one classmate of mine went and commented that my hairstyle is exactly the same as Justin Bieber, and said that I was gay infront the rest of the classmates.

"If I happened to be gay, at least I ain't a faggot like you."


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