Friday, May 28, 2010

Pursuit Of Happiness

Hey guys, I'm back!!! Oh yes, with the loads of assignments finished and done!! Its just like having Hummers monkeying on your back damn it.

I'm done with Computer Graphics assignment (I really wish I would be picked)

I'm done with English group presentation (No more global warming for lah!!)

I'm done with Advertising Principles Group Assignment (screw you Palmolive, I frickin' hate you!!)

I'm done with Mass Communication Group Assignment (goodbye Mr Tan, its been a hell of a good time being one of your 30+ lame students XD)

Now what's left is presentation skill and creative thinking. After that, 1 week break and then exams for just 3 days.

And a reward for the tough 5 months......a 2 months holiday. And next semester will join with the May intake students. Sigh, gonna be missing most of my current friends next semester. Wish it didn't have to go this way.

Urrrghhh, I really need a good night's sleep. I need 10 hours of sleep starting from today till Sunday. Its not that I'm lazy, my body happens to need it.

I'm pretty much sick of the songs being played on the radio. Either its boring, overplayed, old or just that the song sucked big time. That's why I decided to burn my own playlist on a disc and play it. If I get bored of it, I'll erase the tracks and create another playlist again. Mind you my car don't have USB support. I think burning a disc would be better :D

I remember months ago I bumped into Kid Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness" featuring MGMT and Ratatat. I only know Kid Cudi, heard of MGMT but clueless about who's Ratatat.

I really like "Pursuit of Happiness", I really do. Head down to Youtube and check out the music video. It shows Kid Cudi with a bunch of friends drinking and getting wasted throughout the whole night. He sure looks happy infront of his friends, but Kid Cudi seems to look and feel depressed. The ending of the song, I think it can relate to most of you all reading this.

A perfect song to sing to when you're having sleepless nights, feeling bad and screwed, or feeling lost =)

Tell me what you know about dreaming......

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