Saturday, April 2, 2011

Port Dickson

Here's what I've been up to. I went to Port Dickson with my college buddies. I missed out on the last one because I was doing my internship and it was kinda expensive. But RM 300 for a penthouse and split by 14 people, you do the math.

This was probably the first time I went to Port Dickson after 4 years. The last time I went was during church camp.

So Mayang Sari Resort was the place. We were kinda surprised that there wasn't any occupants at all, because the car park was empty and just only 4 of our cars.

The room was alright, noticed that our doors have no knobs at all. The only way to lock it was to ledge the door. For the whole afternoon after checking in, we entertained ourselves by watching some horrible Malay-dubbed cartoon shows. TV9 had to ruin my childhood and mind-raped us.

Special mention goes to Zhou, for again planning and organizing this trip =)

Card games and drinks.

What's going to Port Dickson without heading to the beach to chill? We went after 2 hours killing time in the room.

I think its the first time, when we all get to chill and forget about everything in Kuala Lumpur that awaits us to bother.

You know, its been awhile since I felt like this. Not worrying about anything related to home, college work, just ANYTHING.

And its been a loooooooooong long time, I had this much fun =) I always wanted to know how it feels like being dragged onto the beach sand.

Oh well, at least I didn't get all wet.

I mean, after months of being separated, Graphic Design, Advertising, Mass Comm, we finally had a proper time together.

And its gonna be a long time till we get to have fun together like this =)

Dinner was just okay okay only. I never expected anything from Port Dickson restaurants. I don't like it when they ripped us off our money. I mean, RM 140 for 4 dishes, you gotta be kidding me. But then again, we'll only be patronizing them just once only, so its their only chance to make every penny out of us.

Oh well, can't complain.

Went back for the main event.
Its our tradition, a must for every outstation trip. And I though the night at Sekinchan was great, this one was just awesome!!

The games we played, the amount of Tiger beer we finished. 2 24 can cartons, this was the first time I drank alot on one night.

Everyone had a great night.

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