Monday, April 25, 2011

So far so Good

And yes, April's been good to me, I think. I was left home alone from Tuesday till Saturday, parents went back to Malacca to visit and take care of grandma for that time. Being alone sucks, again its all like Chinese New Year again, but this time its April and my friends aren't outstation.

You'll be surprised of the hundreds of friends you have on Facebook, only a handful would agree to visit you and make your days less lonely. I used to have like 600+ friends on Facebook, until I filtered and removed some whom I have accepted or added them since they are mutual friends with me. So, now I have 462 friends, but narrow it down to the people who will really be there for you, less than 30 =)

And my 3rd Semester in IACT is just going good, not great. They decided to replace my 3D lecturer because 'we deserve someone better', according to my lecturer's tweet. Just when I finally figured out how Autodesk Maya works, you wanna change my lecturer. He might not be able to speak perfect English, just like the HOD, but damn it, I'm amazed he has enough patience to teach us and also able to demonstrate the whole tutorial again.

For the past few weeks, my acne problem came back. I felt horrible, self-confidence came crashing down. Only until I decided its time to buy Cetaphil and Dalacin-T. Cetaphil works as my cleanser for my face, and Dalacin-T works as my acne killer =D

The pharmacist told me to wait till 2 weeks and see the results. I've been using it since Thursday, so far most of the red spots are gone. It'll take time, but for now, I'm just very happy.

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