Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Prayer For Sarawak

A Prayer for Sarawak....

Sarawak is a state in Malaysia, where Christianity makes up most of the many religions practiced in this state. Right now passed midnight, Saturday April 16th marks the 10th state election. Sarawak is currently ruled by Barisan National.

Today during the youth home cell meeting, we decided to pray for Sarawak. Sarawak in my opinion has been neglected most of the times or maybe left out of the nation’s development plan. I have yet to see a change in Sarawak, in terms of BETTER EDUCATION, BETTER WELFARE, BETTER FACILITIES to the people in Sarawak. At times we even forget that Sarawak is part of Malaysia.

A few weeks ago I read the news that Holy Bibles in Bahasa Malaysia just released, but with a stamp of approval by the Home Ministry that the Holy Bibles will only be distributed to Christians only.

I mean, since when the Home Ministry decides whether the Word of God can be preached or shared to certain demographics only? I find this move by the government silly and just downright ridiculous.

And in times like this, when state election is near, the government then decides to pay close attention to Sarawak, and the spotlight is on this state just because of a state election. Politicians began to campaign around the state, handing out flags and badges to tell the people to vote and be by their side.

And as usual, after the election and if they win again, they’ll go back to square one and Sarawak is neglected again.

Dear God, there any many Christians in Sarawak that will suffer if their state, their homeland is not ruled by the right party. Generations will be affected in future. I just pray that the state elections later in the morning, it will run smoothly and hopefully, no dirty-tactics to be pulled by any of the government or opposition parties to get votes. I pray that the people in Sarawak will vote wisely and whatever outcome will affect the next general election. We Malaysians would also want a good party to rule the state, to look to the people’s problems and help them with it, not neglecting them and also be the voice of the state. Lord, you reign over Sarawak and every state in Malaysia. Let Your will be done.

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