Sunday, April 3, 2011

So Far So Good.....

I checked my 3rd semester results, and I'm really really happy =) IACT finally figured out how to post our results online. I remember I couldn't wait till the 3rd semester started, I drove all the way to college just to see my results.

An A for Typography, B for Sculpture.

I deserved that A for typography. I've spent so much time to outdo the rest, taking risks on layouts and designs for all of my assignments. And damn right, I got an A.

For sculpture, I was surprised to get a B. I thought I was gonna get a C+, because most of my projects aren't up to par with the rest. But nevertheless, I thank God for these results. I did badly for my 2nd semester, even though the worst result was a C, I didn't score a single A during those 4-5 months.

So I'll start my 4th semester tomorrow morning, as usual, 9:30 a.m classes. The last time I didn't have to wake up early for Mondays for classes is during my 2nd semester. My Monday class is 9 a.m till 11:30 a.m. I have to wake up as early as 7 : 30 and reach the Federal Highway by 8:15 a.m just to be safe. I only have 3 subjects, but have more tutorial classes to attend.

I hope the 4th semester will be alright for me. Time flies huh? =)

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