Thursday, July 7, 2011

SMK Seri Mutiara Carnival.

WHOOOHOOO!!!!!!! My former high school's having a school carnival this Saturday!! =D I'm actually excited about this year's event, knowing how much PIBG Chairman Mr. Lim and all of the students that are involved in creating and making this event happening.

Shoutout to Sanjay for coming up with a mini futsal event. To the classes doing haunted houses, would try my best to visit all of them if I had time. To the classes selling Western, Oriental and Local dishes, can't wait to eat!! Also to the bands and dance groups that are about to perform this Saturday, all the best and what's important is to entertain the crowd.

The reason why this time outsiders are allowed to come for this year's carnival is because the school is raising money to buy air conditioning systems for each class. Come to think of it, I remembered the days when some times at 12 p.m, there won't be any electricity in the school cause the school's trying to save on their monthly bill. But I'm sure the school's admin are smart enough to limit the time the air conditioning system can be switched on =)

I'd be honest, from what I heard, last year's carnival was a disaster. I just hope on Saturday, every single person that attended this carnival will have a blast =)

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