Friday, July 15, 2011

Motorsport Playground

So yeah, I decided to decorate my ride with a mustard yellow stripe with the help of Motorsport Playground. I thought of having my spoiler to be wrapped on with sticker since there's scratches, but then dad said its best to repaint the spoiler and the bonnet. Oh well, that's a few years from now. No rush.

And to anyone who plans to do stickers for their ride, I suggest you go there early in the after noon. I was there at 5:30 p.m and only after 4 hours I managed to get back home.

Some top secret project. Me, Tzong Sheng and his friend were the lucky ones that managed to get a first glimpse on it. The owner of that GTR is the man in blue long sleeve shirt.

So the owner allowed us to get into the GTR and have a look around. And the Nissan GTR is a fine example that cars can look and feel frickin' sexy in the inside too. Bose sound system, GPS screen, Japanese words on buttons to have that Japanese film. The problem is, tall people will find it hard to drive this beast comfortably.

This GTR is the Premium Edition, not the V-Spec version. That would cost a close to RM 1mil instead of RM 490k. The owner told me that having a white colored car is hard to maintaining it clean. Zoom in to the above pic and spot the amount of dust on the rear bumper.

Shoutout to Remus for helping me picking the best colors for the strip and some helpful advice. I wouldn't mind traveling all the way to Sunway again. So basically if you have any designs you wanna do for your car, you can drop him a wall post on their Facebook page.

A long day at the Playground, but damn, it was fun =)

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