Sunday, July 10, 2011

SMK Seri Mutiara Carnival

Yesterday was my former high school, SMK Seri Mutiara's carnival. It was a long day, pretty tiring but nevertheless, it was worth it.

Reached school at 7 a.m to practice with the band one last time before our 12 p.m performance. Things didn't go well as planned. I walked into the school compound, and Mr. Chee then asked whether do I have any coupons.

And I just realized the coupons are with Elizabeth =/ So I told him my coupon's with my friend and he was like "No coupons, cannot go in."

I was kind of frustrated, but thank goodness Diong was selling coupons and she gave me one to cover up =D

And then for the morning practice, it was screwed up. Ivan was busy with his class stall set up, Sam was a lil bit late and the keys to the music room was with Madam Tee. And when we got the keys, some students were sent by the teachers to carry down the drums and keyboard.

So we decided to go to the nearest studio, 6 Strings, to practice asap before our scheduled performance. That is until Samuel's car had some trouble starting the engine, and we all had to cramped into Kuok Wei's Myvi.

Once we arrived at the shop lots near UCSI Taman Connaught, 6 Strings will only be opened at 10 a.m. So we decided to head to McDonald's for breakfast.

So for the next 1 hour, we ate, we laughed, we all acted out as The Annoying Orange characters. I'm orange, Diong's apple, Alvan's orange and Sam too XD


We then book a small studion in 6 Strings to practice. One hour for 5 songs. The problem is that the keyboard is only available in the big studio, another band had booked that studio for 10 a.m till 1 p.m.

So back to school, and I was surprised at the number of people that turned out =)

So this is Paranoid. We practiced for hours on Friday, had trouble sleeping a night before the carnival, forgetting lyrics and chords, mistiming the beats and rhythm. And yet, we managed to pull off a lively performance. Thanks to Diong's energetic charisma on stage.

And what's even funny that some of Sam's and Diong's friends decide to come on stage and show some extra support. I saw 2 of Sam's friends casually went onstage and talked to Sam while he's playing the guitar. And WanChuen came on stage and hugged Diong, gave her a blue balloon =)

Friend's like these are awesome.

And I wanna take the time to thank the 30+ friends that sat under the hot sun and watched us perform 'This Love', 'Animal', 'Love The Way You Like (part 2)/I Need A Doctor', 'Brick by Boring Brick' and 'Waking Up In Vegas'. Thanks to the crowd support to. And shoutout to the friends that weren't there to see but were busy at other stalls, salute to the ones that waited for us. We love you guys so much.

Meet Benjamin Chai. This fella chickened out in leading me, Elizabeth and Xiao Xi into the haunted house. And never before I had screamed and shouted and sweated a lot when visiting a haunted house. The ghost were like grabbing my legs and jeans and shirt. Funny thing was halfway into the house, Elizabeth was leading us XD

And at the final turn, this girl was playing as a ghost gave me a surprised. I'd be honest with you guys, I am easily scared so when she surprised me with her ghost face, I was like


No seriously. It was just a joke. I was confused at that time whether to laugh or to be mad at the ghosts XD

My favorite mangkuk!!! =D

Ok first off, I wanna thank everyone that was part of making this carnival a success. I had a great time, it was worth my Saturday and thanks for the food, the games, the dance and band performance, the teachers, and to Mr. Lim for putting everything together with the students.

Thank you for inviting us seniors and outsiders to come for the carnival =) We appreciate the invitation and we're thankful for that.

To all the stall organizers, thanks. Shoutout to the futsal, the DOTA competition, haunted houses, zombieland, cafes, drink stalls, DJ. Things might not have gone smoothly as expected but then again you guys managed to get over it.

And hopefully, we'll see you guys next year. =D
*pictures from Diong and WanChuen. Do visit mua favorite mangkuk's blog at*

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