Saturday, July 16, 2011

Accident again.

And barely 24 hours after visiting Motorsport Playground, I had an accident.

So my mum wanted to go to this supermarket to get her groceries, so I drove. On the was we passed by Mcdonald's, and this white Viva was reversing OUT of Mcdonald's.

At first the car stop, and I though he gave way for us, so I went ahead and pass him and out of the sudden he reversed onto my rear end and bang!!! Stopped at one side, mum ordered the driver to get out of the car.

At first we thought it was a lady driver because mistakes like this are most probably made by a female driver over here. ( No really, seriously, no lie) Was surprised it was this guy in his late 40's.

He told my mum RM 20 can fix the damage. Left side of my car's bumper, some of the paint had gone off.

You go find one shop that charge RM 20 to fix this shit that you caused, then only we settle for RM 20!

So my mum was starting to lose patience with all sorts of excuse he has given. No money, not from the city, in a rush.

I wrote down his car plate number, and I saw this sticker for a college student, Taylor's College I ask him if he's poor how the fuck his son/relative managed to get into such a good college. And he gave the excuse saying someone loaned the car to him to use and the sticker expired.

Really? P sticker and Taylor's College. And you're poor? Bitch, please.

So I asked for his ID and driving license, and handphone number. and he said he dont have ant of those. Told us that he didn't bring his wallet. I told him off and asked why he didn't had it with him and he said cuz it was just a short trip from the house. Mum and I started to get real pissy with this dick.

I called dad, told me minimum wanna get from that guy is RM100 and that's it. So dad wanted to talk to this guy, and he told dad that RM20-30 can fix it with paint.

After much stalling, that dick gave us RM 40, and was from his wallet. My mum was pissed and said "just now u said you don't have wallet, were you bullshitting from the start?!" Like his pocket has some Narnia shit going on.

So I called Kyle, to play pretend as a relative from a workshop. Kyle tried to convince and talked to him to get RM 300 to me. Cuz I think it was this year or last year he had a similar accident as mine.

While waiting for Kyle, the fella got impatient and went to wrote down my car number and threatened my mum that he will report to the police saying I'm the one that knock his car. We just ignored him. He then showed his wallet, claiming I had took ALL of his money and its now empty.

Kyle came, and would anyone believe him working in a workshop when he's all dressed in formal shirt and slacks like a 9 to 5 office worker? This uncle believed it.

So the cops came, asked what was all the commotion about. My mum explained and the officer told the asshole to pay up the remaining balance. Magically again from his Narnia pocket, he gave RM 50 to me. So we only got RM 90.


Just because my mum was there doesn't mean you can fucking con her with your RM 20-can-fix-this-damage trick. Don't simply mess with us. Just because I'm a young driver doesn't mean you can take it for granted that I will give in to your excuse and long grandfather story.
I don't mind if that cunt knocks my car and apologize and cooperate and settle this asap, but threatening me and my mum that he'll twist the story to the cops is just over the line =/

And to anyone who studies in Taylor's College , WSE 7463 h0597 tell him/her not to simply loan out the car to anyone, even if they are his/her relatives.

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