Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Rant.

Now July 9 is the day when BERSIH 2.0 members will gather and march to the King's palace and hand in a memorandum to our king.

For the past 2 days, we now know the true colors of Najib and his cabinet. And how troublesome the police has been for having roadblocks at major highways to and from the Klang Valley district.

By halting most of the public transportation in the city, the BERSIH 2.0 people will still continue to march to their destination.

By having roadblocks, my dear police, as if we had hated you enough already, you are causing more damage than the BERSIH 2.0 movement. I see lower ranking police officers manning the roadblock under the hot KL weather, while the higher ranking ones are busy relaxing in the office with the air cond on.

PERKASA, you are by far the most hated racial party we Malaysians have ever came across with. Ibahim Ali, don't you command as if you're our Prime Minister. And its a good thing that the King does not want to meet you at all. If there is any riots caused, the first to be blame is you and your damn party.

Najib.....nevermind. This will be your last term as Prime Minister. =____=

Hishamuddin, screw you. You are not the law, who are you to issue such ridiculous laws on yellow shirts and declaring the rally 'illegal' when the King and Datuk Ambiga and co had met in the palace and agreed to have the rally in an indoor venue. The King had recognized BERSIH 2.0, and you had balls to say its still illegal? Home Minister MY ASS!!

To the silat group, you are a joke. Silat was practiced for self defense, not going to war against 'enemies' like BERSIH 2.0. Let's see whether you'll be the nation's line of defense when we get invaded by foreign army forces or aliens.

So this is Malaysia's very own democracy, with a touch of hypocrisy.

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