Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Love Wing Chun Movie Review

So a few weeks ago I went to watch 'I Love Wing Chun' at GSC, Cheras Leisure Mall. Usually I don't have any expectations on any local Chinese language movies, but for this is an exception because of the collaboration between Hong Kong actors and our local ones. So I expected this movie to be GOOD.

But hell I was so wrong after the first 5 minutes of the movie. The ridiculous lame humor, the ridiculous MY FM reference, the shameless advertising of Kia's new car and Pensonic product placement. I felt that RM 10 for a movie with zero effort in scriptwriting was just too much. The plot was ok, only to be ruined by poor jokes, horrible awkward acting and scenes that are not related at all.

I felt I wasted an hour and forty five minutes watching a movie that's so bad, its a shame the involvement of Hong Kong actors went to waste. So here are the 3 of the many useless scenes in the movie.

I read about how horrible Amber Chia's acting was a few years ago for some horror flick. I thought after a few years she would at least IMPROVED on her acting skills.

Let's just say, she should stick to modelling for now.
I have no idea, this scene has gotta do with Wing Chun in the first place. Amber Chia's character is wearing this sexy nurse outfit and trying to seduce Yuen Wah's character. He went into this medicine shop to buy something to cure for his back problem.

Now this scene, Amber decides to act all seducing and hands all over her body. Fail. And as the camera pans to show the audience her assets, fail. Trying to show cleavage when you don't have in the first place, fail.

I'm not sure whether to laugh at her for making herself look cheap or the fact is she needs an acting coach to get her shit together.

Angel Wong, I felt that she's in the movie for the sake of it. So basically these bunch of jokers are in this Wing Chun chicken rice shop. The ordered the dish and was served by Angel Wong's character. All she did was cut the chicken's backside and asked the bunch of jokers to pay up a hefty sum. So yeah that's the joke for this scene.

The reaction from the audience was WTF. Again I felt that the writing team should be given a tight slap.

This scene, the most stiff Malaysian models ever!! So again the 4 jokers went to this Superstar Wing Chun center, and were greeted by these kayu models. And what awaits for them (and us, the poor audience watching this movie) are a truckload of more poor jokes, awkward timed ones, and the worst Obama look alike ever.

Look, I know you guys might say I'm harsh on a local movie, but damn it this movie could have been a hell lot better. And I mean it. Tian Liang's character is the most odd one. The only bugger to speak in Mandarin when the rest is speaking in Cantonese. Just so you know, Tian Liang used to be a national diver for China, until he retired before the Olympics. And like Amber Chia, he should have just stick to his former profession.

Overall, this movie is just bad. In order to enjoy this movie, you need to flush out all common sense, logic and what not. You need to put aside your brains in order to laugh out loud at their shitty jokes. So far there isn't a review on this movie on the net, so let me be the first to give you an honest review.

Acting, shit
Plot, could have been better
Script writing, the team needs to be slapped in the face
Value, none.

A 2/10 for this movie, and I mean it. Better to spend it on Transformers again or Captain America or Rise of The Planet of The Apes.

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