Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When I said I doubted Safee Sali’s fitness, that doesn’t mean I said HE IS TOTALLY NOT FIT TO PLAY FOOTBALL.

I do want that lad to improve his game, infact I want him to be a hell lot better than he is today, I want him to bring up his game and be BETTER.

If I didn’t want Safee Sali to succeed, I would have had typed a whole different thought last night.

And I forgot to mention, him training with QPR, there is a possibility, but getting signed is a whole different story.

Like I said, Tony Fernandes can’t simply bring in any Ali, Ahmad, Johan, Kumar, Mohan, Ah Beng, Ah Seng to the club. And again I forgot to mention, it depends on the manager, Neil Warnock to decide whether will Abang Safee be signed and what are the chances of him being selected for first team instead of warming up the bench and also whether can he last 90+ minutes a game because the English Premier League is a hell lot tougher than the Indonesian Football League.

I don’t wanna see him just wasting his time on the bench, its a sad sight and I DO NOT want that to happen to him.

Just to make it VERY clear, I DO want Safee Sali to succeed, but let’s be a lil bit realistic la. Its nice to see a local talent making it overseas in the big league, but step by step lah instead of in a rush =)

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