Tuesday, August 23, 2011


So I’m reading a lot of hateful comments by Queens Park Rangers on Facebook about Malaysians posting links about our national striker, Safee Sali. So just because that lad performed well in all of Malaysia’s matches (in which our dear football team lost all, including the World Cup Asian Zone qualifiers)

Let’s be honest, Safee Sali’s chances of being in the Premiership is just ultra-slim. I’m not sure whether is he fit enough to be in the reserves team for QPR.

And just because Tony Fernandes bought a majority stake of the club doesn’t mean he can bring in any Ali, Ahmad, Johan from Malaysia and bring him in the team.

Let’s be realistic, if we were to revive the Malaysian national football team we should have done it years ago, not now. We should have kicked politics out of football a LONG TIME AGO!!!

And to the Malaysians that liked QPR 's official Facebook page just to promote Safee Sali, I urged you guys to just stop. Its embarrassing. I'm not trying to be unpatriotic and not trying to sound as if I don't want a local striker to go overseas and shine. I would be happy and proud that Abang Safee got signed and The Jib would declare that eventful day a holiday. But.....If Safee Sali screwed up in England for the season, would you still cheer him on or be ashamed for what he had done.

The comments by long-term fans, and I mean long-term fans like people who supported Queens Park Rangers for decades and for life, showed how sick they are about us Malaysians promoting a semi-professional (I'm being nice now ok? Be happy I'm calling him a semi-pro footballer) and we're spamming their beloved page.

We have to be realistic, like the chances of Malaysia winning the World Cup, gold in football in Olympics, and what not.

I guess Hitz.fm shouldn't have created that page huh?

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