Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hard work pays off

 Years of waiting is nothing, you have to work for it. On the 28th of February, after my 1st month's pay and including whatever savings aside, I finally changed my ride's rim to a much lighter and a lot sweet looking than the stock one.
 After much searching around forums like Vioszeroseven and lowyat.net, I found Kean Lee Hin Tyres at Jalan Ipoh 4th Mile. Read the testimonials from customers in the forums, all of them regarding the good customer service, workmanship and knowledge that Kent has about tyres and rims. Be it the weigh, PCD, offsets, you name it.

So the rim I wanted, the SSW Akina wasn't available and needed to wait for stock to reach Shah Alam. Furthermore, their trade in price wasn't really that good. Went to Kean Lee Hin on Saturday the 26th to meet Kent with my dad. I found out that the stock Vios rims are easily 8 kg per rim. Kent suggested Advanti rims or the Enkei Tuning. I've seen pictures of Advanti rims dented, broken. So I didn't want to take the risk and decided to go with the Enkei Tuning SC33, the 5 twin spoke rim. 

There was a hiccup though, supplier gave Kent 2 rims instead of a complete set. He needed time to go to the factory and take it himself. Nevermind, waited till Monday and here it is!!!

 Enkei Tuing SC33, 15 inch. Remember the time when I wanted to upgrade to bigger size. I didn't thought about the price of 17 inch tyres and the effects after the long run.

 And since I've seldom blogged ever since internship started, my friends and I formed our own car crew. Not as popular as the ones you see on car magazines or any car show events, but we're growing in numbers and trying to get some sponsors too =) 

 I didn't drive to work for most of my internship period. The traffic to Jalan Ipoh is ridiculous and after getting a summon, decided that dad will fetch me to work by motorcycle. But every morning before leaving the house, looking at it reminds me that hard work pays off.

Then a week later, some scumbag left a broken key on the road and my right rear tyre was punctured ='/ 

Previously, it was 12-13 km/l. Now, its 14.7 km/l. There was some improvement after the weight reduction. Wait till the drop in air filter and muffler comes in, then its complete =D 

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