Saturday, April 28, 2012

How's college classes?

2nd week of college and my final semester for Graphic Design. Classes have been good for now, morning classes on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Was quite pissed about having to wake up early on a Friday morning but given the choice to wake up early for work or study, I shouldn't be complaining huh? 

Advertising Design classes has been really boring and dull. We have a new lecturer, Mr. Jackson, who claimed to have a lot of experience after working in big time advertising agencies. And till today, the class have yet to see his portfolio and what not.

I mean, you can brag and what not, but you gotta at least have some proof to back it up right? 

 And I ask myself why do I bother waking up early and learning nothing from this class. Its pretty much like Advertising Principles all over again. Last Thursday went to class, didn't learn much.

 Been hanging out at The Bee more than I did back in 2010. This is Jessica's Bacon Potato Salad, during Advertising Design 15 minute class break.

 Instagram, making people feeling like a professional photographer with some filter effects and shit. Amazing. Reminds me of kids with DSLRs walking around in malls, taking pictures of their friends and with a caption, complimenting their own photography skills. Bitch, please.

 Jeremy King a.k.a Me Gusta Mofo a.k.a *******'s boytoy

Jaya One decided to build a residential unit, taking away a lot of parking bays. Screw you big time!! 

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