Friday, April 27, 2012

Bloody Report

When my parents was away for China a week after my internship ended and on college break, this bitch took my 2 weeks of holiday. Friday, 64 pages of report, bullshitting about my experience and personal learning outcomes from the company.

To anyone reading this and have yet to go through internship and after-internship. Be prepared, seriously.
First day starting the report, I looked through the past reports made by my seniors in college. Some went to big agencies and ended up with a 100+ pages of report. I was really worried like how am I gonna vomit out 20 pages, yet alone 80 pages. 

A big lovely shoutout to my dad for allowing me to use his college laptop, sponsored by TARC. Right now I would like to take the opportunity to say that TARC is the most awesome college for your children's future. Do not hesitate to send them off to further your studies, think of it as a good investment on your kids =D 

But seriously, ass kissing aside, the 10 inch screen wasn't doing any of my eyesight a favor.

And losing my pendrive was also another headache. Another lesson telling me to keep my stuff in the right place and always remember where you put them. Have you ever gone through a phrase in your life when you just keep on forgetting stuff. I mean, I'm 20 and still very much young but when I started to forget stuffs and I thought I'm gonna go through mid-life crisis at such a young age.

Sad =( 

Anyway that's all I gotta say. More updates soon yo!!! 

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