Monday, April 9, 2012


Here are some of the pictures from my internship placement for 3 months at Scream Interactive Sdn. Bhd. In random order.

 Alvin Ho. Office joker, web designer, also the one who had balls to change my mentor's desktop wallpaper, and meme-fied it like a boss.

 This is me trying to pose seductively on my boss' car before leaving for farewell party.

 Yes, the office looks small but mind you, renovation works are completed while this picture was taken and what's left is furnitures!! 

 Since March started, I've been focused on designing layout plans for upcoming events. There was a time when I actually got sick of it.

 Cat on a colleague's car.

One last look before I leave.

And even on my last day of internship, I still have toskipped lunch with my friends. All because of last minute request.

And this was how my farewell party looked like. Overtime, River City Jalan Ipoh. 

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