Monday, November 26, 2012

Post-Urbanscapes 2012

So I lost my slippers at Urbanscapes 2012. Walked barefoot for the whole night, on muddy grounds and on the road where them fuckin' little stones can get in your way. It hurts a little. Then I only had dinner or should I say, supper at midnight with Jessica, Jared and Y.T. Oh and I finally know how it feels like to drive barefooted. Its illegal.

Been walking around like a hobo, and people might think I stole my own car. LOL. I thought it wasn't gonna be as muddy as yesterday, thought it was gonna be dried up. But no, rain started right before Sheila Majid's performances.

And I swear, I almost fell asleep when Sigur Ros was performing. Goodness me, their type of music is not to my liking. I can't believe I stood for an hour or more for them.

Oh wells, you only live twice that's the motto n*gga YOLO.

Urbanscapes 2012 was fun, but there are a lil bit of disappointments. Like the prices of the food and drinks, and I can't seem to find the official merchandise booth for the event. And the muddy grounds, fuck it la!!

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