Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thought for this month.

I just realized I spent shitloads of money on concerts. I spent a lot on Swedish House Mafia, getting the part zones, and then there's Urbanscapes, and Thrist 2012 at Sepang this coming 8th of December. Just when I thought its gonna be over, Taio Cruz, Steve Aoki, Yolanda Be Cool, Redfoo of LMFAO and the rest are coming next year January 19-20 for a rave event. I'm not surprised if my spending on tickets alone combined is almost a thousand ringgit. 

I mean, since when I started to even spend on concerts? Maybe its just me knowing that it sucks to miss out so much fun before turning 21? Age crisis? LOL.

I think it started out when I was forced to give up my Future Music Festival Asia 2012 tickets due to the fact that I had to return to work on a fucking weekend. And from that night after coming home from work, I vowed not to miss any great concerts. Except for MTV World Stage, I didn't think it was worth it. Big Bang, wasn't really a hardcore fan so I thought I should save up for something else.

I woke up pretty damn early, like 10 a.m I was at The Guitar Store spending RM 600 on Swedish House Mafia party zone tickets. One for my friend, and one for my girl. Because I waited 2 years for them to come, and since it was their last tour before heading to Miami for the last stop, I am thankful that they decided to drop by Malaysia. THANK GOD!!!

So anyway, I've changed. My spending habits have changed, for better or for worse its up to you to decide. I worked my ass off for these tickets and also for any upcoming shows. I know what I'm spending on, I'm thinking of it as investments. All I need is to have myself a good time with music. That's it.

LOL WTF am I talking about :/

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