Sunday, November 25, 2012

Urbanscapes - Day 1

Hey guys, I know its been months since I last blogged properly. The previous one was cause of guilt. But more on that when I'm done with work and all. Anyway I decided to attend this year's Urbanscapes event for once before I leave for Australia (that is if I get the acceptance letter from RMIT)

I took a day off from work for the first time since almost 3 months into working for Motorsport Playground. I bought the weekend passes through Jessica and Austin.

I didn't managed to attend the past 2 year's event is due to the fact that I didn't had enough time and money to even make it for Urbanscapes, but this year was an exception. I mean, for once in my boring young adult life, I would love to attend a festival like this.

So I met up with the buddies at Jaya One. Austin's in charge of getting in all the stuff for one of the international acts for this year's Urbanscapes, and Volkswagen was their official sponsor, and we got to sit inside a VW ride.

 This year's Urbanscapes is held at Padang Astaka, Petaling Jaya. The night before the event I visited Urbanscapes' website for their tips and advises, what to do when at Urbanscapes. I thought they were kidding me when they say its gonna be muddy. 

 Of course, the first stall we visited was The Bee's.

 They even have a school bus, how awesome is that man?!

 This is our shoes' conditions, 15 minutes onto Padang Astaka.

 I'm gonna be honest, I'm still pretty much new to the local music scene, and I haven't heard much news about Malaysian hip hop until I saw one of Egoistic Records' video for 'Run This', featuring some of Malaysia's talented rappers.

I really enjoyed their performances at The Next Stage, one of the few stages on the field. It was really energetic, nevermind the crowd compared to the later acts that will be featured at night.
 Special mentions goes to this guy named Kyren Thomas. The last song I heard from this fella was a song featuring Gorillaz's 'Tomorrow Comes Today' sample called 'A Stone Away'. Probably one of the most energetic performances. Bravo.

 Anyway, being an Urbanscapes virgin, I kinda liked think that RM 170 spent on a 2 day ticket was worth it. I liked how they focused on independent brands and food outlets.

 Hours into the event, shoes done fucked up.

There's nothing much to say about Urbanscapes 2012, so I'm going to leave you with some pictures I took this afternoon.

 Levi's tent

 You know that feeling, like when you were a kid and bubbles kinda amazes you. Shit, I'm 20 and I realized I stood infront of this fella blowing huge ass bubbles towards the crowd, for 30 minutes or so and it still amazes me. Its like some things in life still surprises you no matter what age you are.

 Anyway, its about damn time I hang out with these two nutcase. Jessica is leaving for her USA trip this Tuesday and I'm gonna have to wait till 28th of December to chill with her and the rest. One member of the clique missing and you know, it just doesn't work at all.

 Yeah, more bubbles.

 Damn dirty mud.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes for day 2 and also the final day for Urbanscapes 2012. Lapsap, Twilight  Action Girl, Sigur Ros, Sheila Majid will be performing. Gonna have a great time before heading to my final week of work at Motorsport Playground.

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