Sunday, November 25, 2012

She's My Artist

As you know, I'm in a relationship with a talented artist. And so I head over to her place to chill, I went back home. Home is where I found my very own peace and what not. Its just, there.

 So I was just chillin' with the Mac on, every social site I'm on that. And there she is, all of the sudden lying next to me and with a black Sharpie pen, she started drawing on my outer arm. 

 Turns out to be a feather. 

And then I told her to surprise me with another 'tattoo'. And I had to patiently hold still my left arm as she started to draw out a koi fish based on a picture we found on Tumblr.

 Almost 40 minutes or so, its done.

 I was thinking, she'd be the only girl that without any experiences in tattooing, that I would allow to ink my first tattoo. I don't usually blog about my relationships, but I was actually fuckin' happy for the whole night.

 To y'all this wouldn't be the best looking koi fish design, mind you it was her first try and it turned out great.

Come next year, I know what would my first one be. Thanks Siang Er, I love you a lot :)

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