Thursday, February 7, 2013

21st at The Beer Factory & The Attic, Sunway Giza

So for my 21st birthday I decided to celebrate at The Beer Factory and The Attic at Sunway Giza. It was the first time I've actually planned a night of drinking and all with close friends. Alicia, Wei Lin, Ian, Kent, Alex Lai, Jessica, Jeremy Jared, Austin, Y.T, Zoe, Mun Loong and Mia made it :) 

 I have no idea what was going on with Kent, but he kinda started the drinking games and all really early.

Before midnight strike, I was already feeling damn tipsy.

The Beer Factory was having a year long promotion for their packages. We picked the RM 1250 which includes 4 options and Cemetery, Cake Shots, Flaming Lamborghini and Long Island tea included. Decided on 6 towers of Tiger, 12 pints of Guinness and a bottle of Black Label with mixers included.

Loved the cake shots. Tiramisu flavor 

MK, Jeremy and Austin. Am surprised that MK's eyes were not so Asian in this picture.

I've always wanted to try Flaming Lamborghini. I've missed out during Zoe's birthday back in 2011 and also during Jeremy's 20th, last year. The Flaming drink wasn't that bad, I kinda liked it and it started to kick into your head after a few seconds. 

Results : I jumped and danced around like mad. 

Ian went over to the DJs that was spinnin' for the night to give a birthday shoutout, next thing I remember, random strangers were coming to me offering me to drink/down with them. It was awesome.

At the end of the night, I passed out, like literally dropped face flat on the ground and slept enough for a few pictures to be taken and uploaded on Instagram and Facebook. 

Alex drove me and Joshua back to my place. Before that we thought of having breakfast at BRJ, but once we were there the BRJ workers were busy cleaning and preparing for breakfast and couldn't serve us. 

Overall, I would like to thank the 10+ people that came for my belated 21st birthday celebration at The Beer Factory Sunway Giza. Shoutout to the random strangers drinking with me, the DJs playing awesome music that me and my friends can bump to, and to my friends that took care of my drunk ass till I got home at 5 a.m. Here's to you.

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