Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't Piss Ms.Chan

Honestly, I kinda dislike school now. No no no don't misunderstood, I'm not gonna stop studying, just that I don't like to study in an environment like my school. Teachers being a bitch towards you for your whole school hours, irritating classmates are the 2 reasons why now I really really....

Don't feel like going to school :(

Today I forced myself to go to school because of accounts only. My target for accounts, a pass or higher grade. So today before recess I was sleeping in class, I wasted 2 hours of my life. And during assembly time, the teacher announced that gerak gempur is canceled without any reasons. Great.

Ok, I was excited for accounts, I really do. Never in my life, I was impatient for Ms.Chan to come in to my class to teach me accounts. But thanks to my classmates, things pretty much turn bad.

Last week, Ms.Chan gave us account document homework for revision. Today she expect to see us all finish it. But then again, due to laziness, out of 18 people that came for class today, only 4 people (including me) finish off the documents and imbangan duga.

I really don't understand, SPM is just a few weeks away from us, and instead of studying hard and doing accounts exercises to save your asses from getting a pathetic G on your SPM result slip, you all had to be so fucking lazy and piss Ms.Chan off.

Then it was my turn. Yes, I might able to do the documents question but I still haven't fully mastered it. And please lah Ms.Chan, if you're pissed, don't released it on me. All I did was a slight mistake, do you need to release it on me?

After 'bombed' by Ms.Chan, I was left completely speechless and moody. What was suppose to be my now favourite subject, now....sigh...