Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Favourite lines

1) "Tunggu......tuuuuunnggu!!!"
2) "How I know? Maybe he bluff you? Maybe you ugly?"
3) "Who are you?! You call people on the phone and ask who are you?!"
4) "Not meeting....MASSAGE!! No not message, MASSAGE!!! Where the girl pour the oil and rub the backside, play with the cock MAASAAGGE!!!!"
5) "KC tak da senang. Dia tak da senang...DIA TAK DA SENANG!!!"
6) "Hooi Melayu tunggu ah!!"
7) "Eh how I know? You depend lah how long they play with his john (cock)"
8) "Oi you apa main datuk besar?! Saya ada datuk dan nenek!"
9) "TUUUUNNGGGUUUU!! Kalau lu Tan Sri saya kasi tunggu tapi you Datuk you tunggu!!"
10) "Ah what message? You going to break his balls ah? Mrs T.K ah can I tell you one thing ah...YOUR HUSBAND GOT NO BALLS!! Elek Elek ELEK!! Hah? No, actually you got the balls!! Because your mother got balls!!"

Oh gosh, I laugh until I cry. He's better than Russell Peters alright :D