Monday, October 19, 2009

Goodbye readers!!

Hey guys, Daniel here. SPM is a month away and I won't be blogging, go online, Facebook-ing, Barn Buddy-ing, Cafe World-ing, updating my statuses and so until.....3rd of December.

Eh Daniel, I thought your last paper on the 4th?

Haiya, Arts only mah. That one can relax lah....

So I hope by the time I come back, blogger will shut down my blogsite. And if they did......they are so gonna get it from me.

Anyway, good luck to all of my form 5 readers, bloggers who's been following my blog for a long time. Angeline, Kyle, Darshini, Hak Lee, Cheng Heng, Tom and to those I forgot to list out here. All the best and once SPM over, I have to serve for National Service. Better go for doctor checkup, I have breathing problem kay?

Buh bye. :D