Tuesday, October 5, 2010

An Honest Mistake at The Bee

Attended IACT's PARTS Unplugged at The Bee Cafe, Jaya One. An Honest Mistake and For This Cycle was scheduled to perform that night. There wasn't much happening during that night, cuz all me and Santosh did was eat and chat and eat and take loads of blur pictures, but only 20 turned out good. Just good.

Santosh was supposed to take a picture of me, and this is how it turned out. =)

Oh this is nice!!

For This Cycle, all the way from Singapore, performed and had alot of applause for him.


Whistle blower.

Honestly lah, there wasn't really alot happened during last week. Its all the same for me, I wished something interesting will happen this week. Oh I hope its an adventurous one. And damn it my Nuffnang pay is still stuck below the RM 100 mark. Its RM 60 now, I guess I'll just wait till its RM 100 and I'll cash it out.

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