Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Broke for Tuesday

Helloooooooo!!! I'm back you smexy readers!! Just finished a few assignments at the very last minute, I guess its already a bad habit for me. There was this art competition that our photography lecturer asked us to join, like there isn't any other option already, MUST JOIN. Deadline was like on Monday, on Monday morning I just started to sketch. Was late for class by 30+ minutes, wasted 45 minutes trying to understand Marketing Management.

We're supposed to print out A1 size. I know, its frickin' huge. I thought it would be like RM 20-30 to print it out, until Jane told me its RM 120+. Then after Marketing class, Jane text messaged Aubrey saying that lecturer told us to just burn the file into a CD and hand it to him by tomorrow.

Oh all that rush wasted =( But anyway here's what I did on Monday night in the space of 2 hours+....

All I did was upload the previous one on Illustrator and just trace it via pen tool and vollaahh!!!

Tuesday was a shitty morning, seriously. I had RM 25 in my wallet, on the way to college just realized I need moolah to pump petrol. Filled RM 10 at the Taman Connaught Shell station. Then I started to panic when I realized my odometer's reading on my petrol gone haywired. It was still stuck on 2 bars.

Again made a stop at the Shell station after the Federal Highway toll. RM 10 gone.

And again my Vios started to make me feel panic like mad!! Still stuck on 2 bars, what's worst, the reading still shows I left 40+ km worth of fuel to survive. Only after a few minutes later it went four bars, but the fuel reading was still being a bitch.

Went to the forums and posted my problem, they say this WAS an issue for the S Spec Vios. Ohhh crap Toyota what have you done?!

I was left with RM 5, valet parking was RM 6, not to forget printing the poster for Art assignment was expecting RM 10+ and what about lunch? I need my char siew for lunch!!

Had char siew with roasted chicken rice at Section 20, PJ. Ah Khai's Famous Char Siew Chicken Rice serves the best char siew I've ever eaten in my life.

You're about to be schooled on what could have been Malaysia's best char siew, so sit your ass down and read!! Pork so soft, so nice, so juicy, oh did I mention the fat was so good your tastebuds begs you for more. Forget about your sushi or your McValue meal, a meal that gives you food orgasm and as cheap as a hooker in Chow Kit, you know you're in pork heaven.

MK, Levi, Zhou and I nearly forget to pay the bill for lunch today. We just walked away from our table, only until I asked whether did we pay or not. Lucky the owner didn't chase us, damn malu tau if that happened.

Back to college for Art & Design principles and was left with none in my wallet. MK paid for my printing, Jared gave me back RM 5 that he owed. Thank God for the valet parking working who gave me a RM 1 discount and accepted my RM 5 for the day.

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