Friday, October 15, 2010

Kikstyo Aya Kiguchi

2 weeks saving up and walaah, finally.........
My first and last Kikstyo tee.

Ouuuhh this is a bonus!!

Last shirt for me, I'm done. Until Chinese New Year sales I'll get a pair or 2. Now, I need a new slippers. No I'm not going for Crocs or Vivism slippers.

A slipper cost RM 20-30 at Bata, I think. But this shoe, cost RM 30. LOL for once I no need to worry about getting the shoe dirty, this is alright for RM 30 and I do not care whether its legit or fake, this can replace my slipper. I'm getting a blue one, probably by next week, and I promise I'm done.

And after that, I can save for the sport rims, going for 16 inch. 17 is too much, and the tyre price is ridiculous. I might remain 15 inch rims, just different tyres.

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