Monday, October 18, 2010

Meet Ah Biie ( Bitch I Need Mah Sleep!!)

Any of ya'll remember Ah Biie? Mac's other bitch friend during Chinese New Year? Ah Biie was at my place for the night, my uncle and aunt had to go off for a week for vacation and left Ah Biie under my mum's care. Rico the Siberian Husky was supposed to drop by, but then again last minute he went to cousin's instead.

Ah Biie, like Tiffie, is an obedient puppy. I ask that bitch to sit, she sit. I gently push her with my feet, she won't bark.

And surprisingly, Ah Biie loves to pose for the camera.

Poor teddy bear.

So this is her throne, a basket with a mat made by my mum a few years ago. I had to carry her upstairs cuz she's kinda afraid of the dark. Oh yeah, Ah Biie is quite heavy. What do expect from a pampered Shih Tzu?

So I decided to let Ah Biie sleep in my room, and that was the biggest mistake for the night. That bitch, from 2 a.m till 5 she has been making so much noise by wandering around my room and the little bell attached to her collar was making those sounds, its so frickin' irritating.

Until 6 something a.m, I decided to kick her out of the room. Bitch, I need mah sleep!! Just seconds after kicking her out of my room, I can hear her soft cries but still.....bitch I need mah sleep!!!

Anyway mum was surprised to see her waiting in front of the masterbed's room. She actually wants to shit and pee already. So mum took her out for a morning walk. Ah Biie is such a jakun. She gets scared whenever she sees a plant, neighbors, cat, and even my pet hamster Mac =__________="

This afternoon mum went back to Malacca with Ah Biie and my other cousin Jean. Goodbye bitch!!! =D

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