Saturday, October 23, 2010

Inspira Inspiring Ke?

Sometimes I feel like Proton seriously needs inspiring designers and work force that is motivated. Sigh, its a sad sight to see our once beloved national pride, PROTON going downhill.

I hate it when they introduced the Iswara special edition. Its the same design, only changes were the crystal lights, an exhaust system and a multi spoke sport rim. Same goes for the Waja, after 10 years, just minor facelifts. Also for the Perdana, 10 years plus and they have still yet to find a replacement model.

Tun Dr. Mathathir, what happened?!

27 years....

Proton Inspira, not even inspiring at all. Proton and Mitsubishi signed an agreement saying that Proton had bought the blueprint for Lancer and will rebadge it to sell it here for a cheaper price.

If the R3 version of the Proton Inspira comes out......I send my condolences to the current Evo X owners =S

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