Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ride Getting New Shoes

As you know my Toyota Vios' OEM rims has been scratched quite badly. Its so heartbreaking to see your rims got tortured by Kuala Lumpur city roads. So I decided to ask my dad permission to change the rims, since he's the one that got me the car and is paying for me. And surprisingly, he said ok =D

So now I'm thinking, should I stick with 15 inch with a new set of 195/50/15 possibly Goodyear tires, or go to 16 inch 205/45/16 or heck, 17 inch? And again, it depends on how much I managed to save until the year end.

As for the rims, I thought of getting Lenso rims. Made in Thailand, I Google-d them and read about them being better than Taiwan made brands. I need a lightweight rims, needs to be 4 hole, PCD 100 and offset +42.

Just right after the rims, again I'm gonna save and change the front grill to this

*picture credits to Kaitenaz Racing, Sunway*

And so this is the exterior look I'm aiming for, excluding the TOM's front skirt.

Once I'm done installing both rims and grill, I'm done. Seriously done.

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