Monday, December 29, 2008

Penang dissapointed

I was disappointed after coming back from Penang. The food, especially the food. I thought their Fried Kuey Tiaw would be miles better than K.L, but was like KL.

I never had the chance to try the curry mee, cuz they sold out before I get to order it.

The nasi kandar was ok, just ok. Indian banana leaf rice saved the day.

And as for the desserts, it was worth every penny. Bu bu cha cha, RM 2, better than K.L. Cendol, perfectly done, also RM 2 only.

Breakfast at the hotel was a disaster on the second day of the trip . It was so bad, I couldn't wait for lunch so that I could get rid of the taste. The chef that cooked appeared to help the workers to take out trays, that time I sworn that I wanted to punch him so badly. He don't deserve to cook man!!!

But anyway, learned my lesson, too much hype on things can kill.

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