Sunday, December 14, 2008

New stuffs bought!!!

Went to PIKOM PC Fair on Friday with Noby, and Saturday with Joshua, Kuan Yoke, Zie Yang, Ronald and Sam.

On Friday, while in Kinokuniya, I found my favourite animated band's biography, Gorillaz. "Rise of the Ogre" was the band's first biography, and it cost me RM 69.50 for that thick book. Mind you that their biography is the most creative and colourful biography on an artiste to date. C'mon, you read about the Beatles, you'll only see texts, loads of texts, and a few pictures. Gorillaz's biography has loads of artwork, designs, unique drawings and the rest.

I haven't bought anything for Kerrie, Shu Teng, Hui Xian, Melissa, and Yu Kin, Kyle yet. Kyle, I know what I'm gonna get you for Christmas and Birthday present.

Nah, just kidding. Saturday I had to burn my pocket to buy Kerrie and Shu Teng's gift. Went back to Kinokuniya and bought the books. You two go guess lah, I damn tired to give ya'll clues...

Yeah, still tired from yesterday. Had to attend my church's Christmas Party. Before that, my parents dropped Noby off at his Uncle's place. Bye Nobs, nice having ya around. Thanks for painting the walls with me. I nearly fell asleep during the Children Church's drama performance. Was bloody blur when trying to understand the next drama.

Yeah, suppose to be in church now. But I'm seriously tired and lazy. All I want is extra few hours of sleep. Parents bugged me to buy newspaper before it runs out.

After watching Spongebob Squarepants (a MUST!!!) ( I only managed to watch Spongebob 3 times only to date this year), went off to buy newspaper. Nia ma, the nearby shop closed, so had to walked all the way to the morning market area to buy, and walk back.

Hate it when you're hair is long, and everytime you wake up, it makes contact with your eye. Quite irritating.

After buying newspaper, walked back to put the papers back home. The minute I told grandma I'm off to trim my hair, she bugs me to wait for my uncle to fetch her back then only I go. Diu, uncle ah!!!! I expect you to come at 10 a.m, like you said so. Now, my PC screen showing 11:35 a.m lah.

I don't think so I'll be trimming my hair today, if my uncle comes really late. I'm annoyed by one of my neighbour's singing to a oldies song.... . STOP SINGING LAH!!!

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