Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas party

The 2 last minute gifts for Ian and Kyle.

The presents for my lousy friends.

Woke up quite late today, like about 10 45 a.m. Was excited about tonight's event, my Christmas party. Kyle, Samuel, Ian, Yu Kin, Adam, Melissa, Kerrie, Evon, Hui Xian, Shu Teng and Carmie will be over at my place around 4 :30 p.m.

Mum and dad kept on bugging me to clean up my study desk, didn't bother until mum gave me the fierce look.

I was busy in my room decorating the room. I can't believe my limited edition of Gorillaz's Demon Days album promotional poster is gone. Same goes for my autographed Cyndy Wang poster. Do'h!!!!!

Sam came early. Went to fetch him from McDonald's. Finally, Sam helped me fixed my Counter Strike problem. No its not me shooting blanks. It's because of my screen resolution. You see, let's say my weapon's crosshair is pointing straight, but when I shoot the bullets, the bullets will hit upper possition than the selected one.

Yes, problem solved!!!!

Then Kyle and his bro came. I couldn't believe that he didn't find the Monopoly set, which is in the guest room. Kyle, looks like I know more of your house than you do.

Fixed the Wii, and played Tennis with Samuel. Then Kerrie messaged me, saying that she and Melissa and Evon and Adam are at Leisure Mall already. I was lazy to follow my mum to fetch them, hooked on the Wii already. So, I told Kerrie to wait at McDonald's and look out for my mum's car.

Mum managed to fetch the right people back to the house. A few minutes after they all came, Ian called and said he was on the way.

Ian was beginning to like Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles, but as soon Sam and I introduced him to Wii Tennis, he immedietely starting to kick each people's asses in it. Until Kyle's brother challenged him to bowling, Ian started to lose.

Yu Kin, Sam and Ian "Kanye" Cheong.

Dinner was served at around 7 something. Dad cooked grilled chicken with spagetti, drinks were Ribena with soda water, lime and ice. Carmie was a little worried about the amount of fat and high cholesterol on every dish. I told her to forget about her diet and start eating the damn food.

Ian was the comedian cracking up jokes during dinner. Always had to pick on Evon, cuz she still don't know the 'birds and bees' yet. Nevermind, she'll know it in a few years time.

Santa's little helper.

Yeah, then we had a little crazy photo session after resting from dinner. I guess Sam's Kanye West specs has been possessed by Kanye, and the effect start kicking in already.

Can ya imagine, the real Kanye doing this to a fan?

I don't know what's with Shu Teng, Hui Xian and Ian. I think its the food that's kicking in, not the specs.

Well...ya know what I mean?

Shu Teng and Ian.


Babi betul Kerrie ni, nak ambil gambar, dia dah guna tangan untuk block.

2 normal people posing for a photo.

As for the group photo, I screwed up the second the camera flashed.

Then it was Ian's turn.

The book, "God Takes Care Of Me", is proudly presented by the Happy Nutheads Co., whom members are Kerrie, Me, Ian, Yu Kin, Evin, Shu Teng, Carmie, Hui Xian and Samuel. Founded in 2008.

As for desserts, mum made sago with gula Melaka. Ian didn't liked it.

Then, dad asked me to give them eat the Christmas log cake.

You think I had the heart to eat it? C'mon, Santa is using the puppy eye trick.

This is what happens when your hands are itchy. Ian had one of my jewelries stucked on his small wrist. Had to ask Carmie to help.

Carmie and Shu Teng.

Ian showing off his new middle finger pen, gave by SHu Teng.

Yu Kin, Ian...middle finger brothers.

Sam's gift.

Shu Teng's gift.


Anyway, just wanna give a big thank you to you guys who came. Sam, Ian, Yu Kin, Kyle, Adam, Evon, Kerrie, Melissa, Shu Teng, Hui Xian, Carmie........

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