Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tomorrow's party

Dang, never felt so nervous. What I'm worried is that the party screwed up. Here are the list of party-spoiler scenarios I've imagine for the party...

1) No electricity. Man that's really f(beep)-ed up man. Imagine, playing the Nitendo Wii or the Playstation 2, play halfway suddenly no electricity. Darkness surrounds, and I'm worried that Yu Kin will shit in his pants.

2) Food poisoning. I know my dad is what you guys said a high class chef (I'm not crapping here, he really is. C'mon, he had cooked for Dr.M, Cindy Crawford, president of FIFA.). I'm pretty sure this won't happen, but who knows. Fingers cross.

3) Last minute fong fei kei. IF any of the invited friends last minute tak datang, I'm seriously gonna give thm a piece of my mind. I mean it.

4) Bored. Ohhh boy, THAT'S WHAT I WORRIED ABOUT!!!

5) Fights. Erm....I hope not.

Last minute buy the rest of the Christmas presents to my buddies who are gonna come. I spent quite alot in less than a week.

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