Saturday, June 19, 2010

Slovenians Are Homos XD

For the past 2 days I have been rotting in the house trying.....TRYING to study. Its so hard, Advertising Principles, off the 3 subjects that has theories, this is the hardest nut to crack.

12 chapters, same as Mass Comm but alot has been elaborated and explained. I can't fit all these information into my head.

Oh yeah, I was surprised that Spain, France and Germany lost. I hate France, I just frickin' hate them. They don't deserve to be in the World Cup, Ireland. should be in it for this year. All because Sepp Blatter wanted France to win so that the South Africa World Cup will not have one star team missing.

Who gives a damn about the French? We have South Africa, the Koreans, Spain, England and the rest to cheer on. France or no France no problem for us. One less lousy team to worry about.

Can't believe USA was denied a 3rd goal. Saw the replay, it shows the Slovenia players were being a bunch of homos in the penalty box, hugging most of the USA players. Even if the goal was canceled, give a penalty to the Yanks.

Slovenia sucked!! I hope their country suffer from an economical crisis until everyone loses their jobs >:)

And the referee looked like he was being bought to be in favor of the Slovenians. Crap, they were like so rough on the Yanks.

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