Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Malacca Urrgghhhhh!!

Helloooo farkers I'm back from Malacca. I tell ya, Malacca isn't fun anymore. The food is shit, the traffic is shit. Oh boy don't get me started on the drivers, you think KL teruk, Malacca the best!! :D Anyway mum and I went back to Malacca to visit grandma and fetch her back to KL to attend my cousin's wedding buffet on Saturday. The theme is pink, and thank goodness dad has a short sleeved pink shirt. Don't know why he had it in the first place O.o

Anyway back to Malacca. Its boring, its dull. The weather is hot, the food is bad. I thought mum brought back the phone charger, and mum thought I had put the phone charger into the bag. Ended up no charger. My phone died and mum's phone surviving on a few bars.

I really wished grandma had Astro. I really hope some good Samaritan would buy her an Astro decoder and pay for her bills. For the past 2 days I was eating medicine, sleeping, eating again, sleep again. Basically I was being a pig for 2 days surviving on horrible Malacca food. The satay was so-so only, cendol was the saving grace of Malacca food.

Last night mum and I went to Jusco AEON, the one next to Tesco (which was shit too). We went to this cafe to eat dinner, its called Locales Cafe. The owner was playing some Nightclub game on Facebook. Was told by the waiter that the only chicken chop available was the black pepper chicken chop. Instead of leaving and went looking for other restaurants to eat, I thought of giving it a try.

And damn it I wished I left earlier. The chicken chop was horrible, the black pepper sauce literally looks like dog shit. No lie, I feel like vomiting everytime I dip the chicken with the sauce. The only food that was edible was the potato wedges. I ordered cendol, and they gave me this ice kacang......only without the syrup and corn to make it look like a cendol. The ice was coursed and it wasn't sweet as it was supposed to be.

Don't get me started on the bill, RM 27 for something which is only worth less than RM 15.

Sigh....and now my car door scratched already. Some people just don't know that when you're fat and you can't go out from your nearest door, go out from the other side. Damn it don't force your way out and hit the door against the wall.......twice!!

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