Thursday, June 24, 2010

Facebook Stereotypes

SCREW YOU STEREOTYPES!!! Screw you for creating pointless fan pages, screw you for your typical comments and post on your friend's wall and their pictures. Screw you for tagging me and other innocent people on a picture with emoticons. Screw you Who tYpE lIK dIs and think its hen kerrhh aii orrrhhhxx.

Profile pictures :
Screw you with anime characters, football players, k-pop idols, exotic/tuner cars as your profile picture. Understand the word FACEbook damn it. Fuck your style of posing, stop acting cool damn it. Its no difference if you pose the same but different angle. You still look the same, its not like its gonna make your nose sharper, your boobs bigger, your muscles larger and hair longer.Especially the Ah Bengs. Heck, I don't know why I dislike them so much in the first place. No offense, its natural to have a feeling of dislike towards people like you. Can't blame me.

And fuck you, why bother posting the picture and having captions like "I know I'm ugly.", "Am I cool?" "Haha bleek", "XXXX here oh". If you think you're ugly, don't post. Asking people whether you're cool is the dumbest question on Facebook.

Language Used :
You shouldn't bring in your Friendster culture, language, way of typing to Facebook in the first place. Facebook was all good when it was 3 years ago. Yes it existed that long before you're still being a Friendster/Myspace slut craving for attention.

Plis DuN tyPe LiK DiS cUz iS nOt KeR Ai Neerrrhzxxxx

You do know your making yourself a complete tard on Facebook. Google about the word 'tard' if you don't know. To anyone who type like this on Facebook, this is for you personally. Is it that hard to type normal? You need to attend special typing class for people who have special needs if you type like the above statement. I'm serious.

Fan Pages
Yes, I do have a fan page for my pet hamster, because it is ok :D But creating a fan page for you, yourself must be in vain. Like seriously, who creates a fan page of themselves to get friends to be fans?

Unless you're really pretty and all, fine, off the hook. But if you frickin' average looking and all ( no offence kids, look yourself in the mirror please, its a fact), don't bother creating a fan page at all. Unless one of your friend thinks your good looking and created a fan page FOR YOU....its a different story. You have a stalker :D

Screw you!!! Whoever offended, take this PERSONALLY!!! I mean it, you people shouldn't be on Facebook in the first place. Heck if there was a cyber law for abusing social sites like this, you all mentioned will be the first to get it XD

I wish Facebook was 3 years ago, only a few people I know had profiles only.

Ahhh......I'm done with my rant.

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