Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FIFA Malaysia

Hanged out with Kent and Leslie at BB Plaza, told them I'll visit them when I'm free. They are working part time at BB Plaza at a booth selling official world cup items.

I went to play the PS3, the FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa official game. Used England, was against this dude. Then 2 of his friends came and give him some support. Not to brag but, I got used to the controls after a few minutes into the game.

I changed England's lineup, it was shit. Kicked Barry, Heskey and Green out and have David Games, Walcott and Defoe in.

Then after 3-0 up, one of my opponent's friend took his place.

4-1 up, switch again.

7-1 up, I'm speechless. I really didn't mean to sapu them infront of so many people watching the game, I really do want to score more than 7 but then I'll ruin the 3 fella's day.

Then I played against this Middle Eastern dude, he used UAE. I asked Leslie is Malaysia in the game, he nod. I didn't believe him at first until I look at the list of Asian teams. Crap Malaysia is in it!!

Let me tell you something about FIFA's Malaysia team
1) They were a hell lotta faster than the real players
2) They were a hell lotta stronger than the real players
3) They were a hell lotta smarter than the real players (strategy and positioning wise)
4) They were a hell lotta good looking than the real players.

UAE scored first, then after a nice counter attack by Abdul Radzak and some fella, I managed to score with a 1-2 pass. I suddenly have this huge patriotic feeling, as if I'm so proud that my country scored its first World Cup goal. I yelled "YES DAMN IT YES!!!" so loud until quite a number of people were looking at me.

I played with Leslie too. Against Singapore, Malaysia lost 1-0. And then next game I used England against Leslie's Spain. I lost 4-0 =(

Had a great day though, wanted to buy this skinny jeans. I like the material, shame about the size. No size 33.

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